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LNG the fuel of the future

Business 16/12/2019

LNG the fuel of the future

Foreign investors need a smoother passage before bringing much-needed LNG projects to life in Vietnam.

Quang Ninh & Ha Long Bay booming

Mr. Nguyen Hong Nhat, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Paradise Vietnam, gave VET an overview of the tourism...


Consumer lending a contested landscape

Competition is heating up in Vietnam's consumer lending market as existing foreign financial organizations rush to...


Online road to recovery

Healthtech startups are keen to make a difference in moving Vietnam's struggling healthcare and medical services sector...


National brands embracing the world

Vietnamese enterprises need to build their brands towards "going global" for the Vietnam National Brand Program to be...


Calm & engaged at The Anam

The first true five-star colonial beach resort in Vietnam, The Anam is a haven of serenity and service, harking back to...


Maersk opens new logistics centre

New logistics centre launched on December 11 in Bac Ninh province to meet high demand from North market.


Lands of riches

Many local property developers are looking to investment opportunities overseas to expand and grow.


VNPAY honored with Outstanding Fintech Award 2019

VNPAY honored thanks to its great efforts to develop and supply products and services, promoting non-cash payment.


Tech companies looking global

Local tech platforms and startups aim to take on the world but doing so won't be easy.


Exporting to all four corners

Many local SMEs have seen exports surge after teaming up with global e-commerce platforms.


Op-Eds 16/12/2019

Circular economy a work in progress

Circular economy a work in progress

While the benefits of a circular economy are largely undisputed, stakeholders told VET that while transition from a linear economy is indeed taking place it remains in the initial stages.

Biz Traveler 10/12/2019

Quang Ninh & Ha Long Bay booming

Quang Ninh & Ha Long Bay booming

Mr. Nguyen Hong Nhat, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Paradise Vietnam, gave VET an overview of the tourism market in Quang Ninh and Ha Long Bay this year and the opportunities and challenges for Paradise Vietnam in 2020.


Vietnam fully recognizes that prosperity into the future depends greatly on sustainable development. Waste from production needs to be curbed, and in this regard there have been many calls for the country to move from a linear economy to a circular economy. The time has come for all involved to consider not only how to recycle and re-use waste from production, as well as daily life, but also to begin to identify viable alternatives to damaging products.


Crude Oil: $59.48 ? -0.27%
Copper: $2.64 ? 0.38%
Sugar: $134.30 ? 1.21%
Coffee: $12.05 ? -2.19%
Gas: $2.75 ? 0.00%
Corn: $375.25 ? -1.83%

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Ring NA NA

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NA m/s Light breeze

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Editor’s letter

Sustainable development has been a key priority in Vietnam for some time. The Prime Minister issued Decision No. 1362 on October 11 approving a plan for sustainable private sector development to 2025 and vision to 2030, with the goal of developing private enterprises both in quantity and quality and creating a solid foundation and important driving force for rapid and sustainable socioeconomic development..
In this final issue for 2019, we hope our Cover Story, “Businesses developing in a sustainable manner”, will help readers see clearly how businesses in Vietnam are adopting sustainable development concepts. We hope to see their growth continue to contribute to Vietnam’s economy growing in a sustainable way in the years to come.
Merry Christmas, and a Happy & Successful 2020 (read more)


The Guide this month looks back on Vietnam’s great military battles on the Bach Dang River near Hai Phong, visits some hot springs, and journeys through the central highlands. It also tastes different variations on “pho” and savors the culinary delights found in Hai Phong, while noting the popularity of a lunch-time nap.